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Sky’s digital satellite TV service is the UK’s number one premium  digital TV provider.  Sky TV

Approximately 10 million households subscribe to Sky TV and many join Sky Broadband and Sky Talk too.  Below is information about the Pros and Cons of choosing Sky, the equipment you need, the best Sky deals and much more.

How much will Sky TV cost?

Sky’s monthly subscription has recently been simplified and you can now buy one of two packs from Sky. If you buy the Entertainment pack you can expect to pay just £20 per month, and you’ll receive the Variety and Style and Culture packs which include Sky1, Sky Atlantic and Sky Arts alongside a whole host of other great channels.

Alternatively you can subscribe to the Entertainment Extra pack which costs £25 per month and you will be able to receive all of Sky’s great entertainment packs including Variety, Knowledge, Style and Cultrue, News and Events, Kids and Music, that’s just 83p per day for all of the great Sky entertainment channels!

If you want Sky Sports and/or Sky Movies, you can pay a flat fee and subscribe to either the Sky Sports or Movies packs and these start from £16 extra per month on top of your monthly subscription.  However if you subscribe to both the Sports and Movies packs from Sky, as this works out to be £28 per month meaning you can save £8 per month!

Sky TV Packages

Sky have a handy tool on their site for calculating the cost of any combination of their TV, Broadband and Phone services (see image above).

Sky TV packages start at £20 per month for the basic TV service and free broadband. with one off set up costs starting at £30, depending on the package you choose.  You normally get a discount or credit for applying online and the set-up fees are often waived and a discount voucher included, usually in the form of an M&S voucher.

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Sky TV at a glance

Sky’s satellite TV service offers the biggest range of channels in the UK. Sky now also offer an excellent broadband and telephone service that you can bundle with your digital TV service to save money on your bills.

Compare Digital TV Packages

Compare digital TV, broadband and phone packages with Digital TV Selector's comparison service


  • Sky TV has the biggest range of TV channels in the UK including Sky 1, Sky Sports and hundreds of special interest channels.
  • Sky TV let you customise your TV package to so you can buy either a basic TV package or have all of the entertainment channels, with the option to add premium channels such as Sky Sports and Sky Movies.
  • Sky TV offers a range of HD (High Definition) television channels for Sport and Movies, with new channels launching all the time.
  • Sky offer free broadband and telephone packages with your TV service to save you money.
  • Sky have a TV on demand service known as Sky Anytime+, which allows you to watch a huge variety of content when you want.
  • Sky have also launched Sky Go, which allows you to watch a number of Sky channels on your laptop, or your portable device such as an iPhone or iPad.  Sky Go allows you to watch Sky TV anywhere you can get an internet connection, and is FREE with your Sky TV subscription!


  • To get Sky TV you need to put a satellite dish on your house. You may not be able to do this if you live in a flat or if there are planning restrictions in your area.
  • Sky’s broadband service isn’t as fast as Virgin Media’s fibre-optic cable network.

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Who should get this?

  • Great for TV addicts – Sky has something for everyone, and you can add on Sky Sports and Sky Movies
  • The Sky TV, Broadband and Talk bundles are great for households who use broadband and their home phone, and who want to save money.

Sky TV Prices

Sky TV packages start at £20 a month for the basic TV service and free broadband. with one-off set up costs starting at £30 although these are often reduced to free if you order it online.  You normally get a discount or credit for applying online – e.g. a £50 M&S voucher or Tesco voucher.

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What is Sky TV?

With 10 million TV customers Sky is the leading subscription based digital TV provider in the UK, and offers everything from the most popular TV shows, latest movies and of course, Sky Sports. Sky offers the widest choice of channels, which it has structured into 2 packs.

Entertainment Pack – This includes both the Variety and Style and Culture Packs and gives you access to a great amount of digital TV channels including Sky1, Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, FX, and Sky Arts.

Entertainment Extra Pack – This gives you access to ALL of the channels from Sky as part of their Variety, Knowledge, Style and Culture, Kids, Music and News and Events packs.

Sky has some of the best technology on the market, like the very popular Sky+HD box, which allows you to pause, rewind and record live TV; and High Definition TV (HDTV) which you can access via the new Sky+ HD Box which gives you amazingly clear, high resolution pictures and super sound quality if you have an HD ready television set. Sky now offers Sky Broadband and the Sky Talk phone service alongside their TV packages, which customers can take as part of their Sky TV Bundle .

Can I get Sky TV?

Sky TV is available to 98% of the UK so pretty much everyone should be able to get it. You will need to erect or have access to a satellite dish in order to receive Sky TV so if you live in a flat or an area where satellite dishes are restricted you may not be able to get Sky installed.

Enter your postcode in the box at the top of the page to check coverage in your area.

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What channels do you get with Sky TV?

Sky TV offers the widest range of channels, and the way it has structured its channels into ‘Entertainment Mixes’ means which you can buy as part of either it’s Entertainment or Entertainment Extra packs.  If you buy the basic Entertainment pack you will receive the Variety and Style and Culture packs, however if you want the full range of mixes and channels from Sky, you should take the Entertainment Extra pack which costs just £25 per month for all of Sky’s great digital TV channels.

The ‘Entertainment Mixes’ available from Sky are shown below:

  1. Sky TV Variety Pack: This gives you over 30 channels, including Sky 1, Sky Living and FX, SyFy and Comedy Central; offering the best drama, sci-fi and films.
  2. Sky TV Children’s Pack:  15 child friendly channels with educational and entertaining programmes for kids of all ages. Includes Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney channel.
  3. Sky TV Music Pack:  There is something to suit everyone music wise with this mix. 4Music, VH1 and The Box are just a few of the TV channels included.
  4. Sky TV Knowledge Pack:  Want to know more about Earth, people or history? This mix has it all, with channels such as the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild.
  5. Sky TV Style and Culture Pack:  This mix includes Sky Arts, Sky Real Lives, GoodFood and Diva TV; everything relating to lifestyle in this mix of  channels, from food to fashion, travel and the arts.
  6. Sky TV News and Events Pack:  Keep up to date with the latest breaking news, sports and weather reports with 24 hour coverage from Sky Sports News, EuroSport and Sky News.

Sky also has two premium mixes which they are famous for – Sky Sports and Sky Movies. The price of these depends on how many of the standard Entertainment mixes you have chosen.

  • Sky Sports Pack: Made for sports fanatics. Catch live coverage of some of the best and biggest sporting events around the world. Sky Sports 1, 2 and 3 and 4 give you over 100 sports.
  • Sky Movies Pack: Perfect for film buffs. 10 movie channels, each dedicated to a specific movie genre, in total showing 850 different films per month, with no adverts!

No matter which mixes you choose to get, Sky will also give you access to 120 free TV channels, including BBC1, 2, ITV, Channel4, Film4, BBC Three, Five Life, and 80 radio channels too. You can also access a range of interactive services at the press of the red button to see extra news stories, check sports results, travel information and weather forecasts, or play games.

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What equipment will I need to receive Sky TV?

To receive Sky TV, you will need a phone line and a TV set. As part of the set up, Sky will provide and install everything else you need – the Sky technician will install a minidish (satellite dish) and set up your chosen Sky set-top box.

What equipment is available for Sky TV?

Sky offers a range of equipment so you can customise your package to suit your needs.

  • Sky+ HD Box: Sky’s HD box has the same functionality as the Sky+ Box so you can continue to pause, record, and rewind live TV but with the addition of HD TV, so you can enjoy television as you have never seen it, with vibrant colour, amazing clarity and deep detail, as long as you have a HD Ready TV.
  • Sky Multiroom: This allows you to watch different Sky channels in different rooms of your home, so stops the arguments about who wants to watch what. It mirrors you choice of mixes and only costs an extra £10.25 a month per box installed.

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What else can you get with Sky Digital?

Sky now offer you the chance to get your Broadband and Home Phone from them too, saving you money.

Sky Broadband

Available to all Sky customers, new and old, as long as you live in an area where it is available. All Sky broadband packages come with a free wireless router and McAfee Internet Security. Sky offer three different broadband speeds:

  • Sky Broadband Everyday Lite: this is available for free with Sky TV when you also sign up to Sky Talk and gives 20Mb speed with a 2GB monthly download limit. It’s fine for you if you use the internet just to browse and email.
  • Sky Broadband Unlimited: an amazing speed of up to 20Mb with unlimited download (to a point of course), perfect for the whole family to use multiple PCs and download movies and music. Only £7.50 per month on top of your TV subscription.

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Sky Talk

There are two great call plans available to Sky customers:

  • Freetime: Evening and weekend calls to UK landlines for free!
  • Unlimited: For £5 per month you can get unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines and 20 international destinations.

If you get TV, a call plan and broadband from Sky they call this their Sky TV, Broadband and Talk Bundles. You can pick any combination of the three to get the Sky package that best suits your needs.

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    I have left sky and come back twice in the last year, and both times they have given me a great deal to come back! worth the effort …

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