Sky Go expands mobile offering

The video on demand serviceSky Go has expanded its app on the Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems.

The video on demand service Sky Go has been given an update on the Android operating system

Both Apple iOS and Android have benefitted from the update

Sky Go now offers users Android users access to Sky Movies and Sky Entertainment on demand, whilst Apple iOS users can now also access the Sky Entertainment on demand service.

Sky Entertainment on demand gives Sky viewers access to the satellite digital television broadcasters most popular programs including Mad Men, and Alan Partridge.

The new Android version of video on demand service Sky Go will also offer support for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system at the end of July, and there will also be support for Samsung Galaxy Note and Nexus devices.

Sky Go on Android also gives customers the ability to view their Sky bills via the app in the latest update.

Sky Go product director Holly Knill said “With the huge and ever-growing popularity of Android devices in the UK it’s fantastic to make on-demand content from Sky Movies and Sky Entertainment available to Sky customers for the first time,”

“This update means customers can enjoy some of the most popular shows such as Sky Atlantic’s Mad Men, Veep and hundreds of the latest Hollywood blockbusters, whenever suits them. “

“We hope this update to the service offers extra flexibility to Android users and the new option of on-demand viewing makes a richer experience for all Sky customers across all platforms.”

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