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We all want something for free.  Free TV in this context means digital TV services that do not charge a monthly fee, because you may have buy some equipment upfront.  There are three main options for free digital TV – FreeviewFreesat and Virgin Media TV M.

Compare Free TV services

Freeview TV

Freesat TV

Virgin Media TV M

  • Subsciption free terrestrial TV.
  • Cheap to buy - boxes are available from £20.
  • Easy to install - just plug in to your standard TV aerial and TV.
  • No need to install a satellite dish.
  • 48 free TV channels, 24 free radio stations and interactive services.
  • Subsciption free satellite TV
  • 2 free HD TV channels - BBC HD and ITV HD which you can’t get on Freeview.
  • Ideal if you have poor Freeview reception in your area.
  • Over 140 free TV channels, radio stations and interactive services.
  • Free TV M if you take a Phone service for £11 per month.
  • Includes Catch Up TV - the best of the last 7 days TV on demand.
  • BBC iPlayer built-in
  • A massive library of films, music and TV available on demand
  • 45 TV channels
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Free TV Equipment

To get free TV you may still need to buy some equipment.  Many new TVs have Freeview tuners built in and some even have Freesat built in too which means free tv really could be totally free for you!

  • Freeview - Unless you have a new TV with a digital TV tuner built in you’ll need to buy a Freeview Box.
  • Freesat - Freesat requires access to a satellite dish and compatible Freesat Box.
  • Virgin Media TV M – Virgin Media will provide you with the equipment you need.

Free TV Equipment Prices

  • Freeview Box – A Freeview box can cost you as little as £10 from Amazon.
  • Freesat Box - A Freesat box will cost from £100 and you may need to get a satellite dish installed if you don’t already have one.

Check out the latest prices for a Freeview box with Amazon

  • Virgin Media TV M - Although the Virgin V Box is technically free,  you still have to pay an installation charge of £30 up front to cover the cost of an engineer installing cable to your home.

Click here to see Virgin Media’s latest prices and special offers

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