Sky News launched on Freesat

Satellite television broadcaster Sky has agreed a deal with its free to air satellite counterpart Freesat to bring three brand new digital television channels to the Freesat satellite television platform.

Free to air satellite television service Freesat has 3 brand new digital television channels

Sky News is one of 3 new channels to launch on Freesat

The new digital television channels which will be available on Freesat include Sky News which is now available on Freesat channel 202, and joins other news channels which are available on the free to air satellite television service Freesat which include BBC News, CNN, and Arabic based news channel Al Jazeera.

The second new channel to launch on the free to air satellite television service Freesat is Pick TV which is available on Freesat channel slot 144.  Pick TV was formerly known as Sky 3 and features popular highlights from other digital television channels such as Sky Arts and Sky1.  Other programmes which are shown on the digital television channel include Coach Trip, Road Wars, and Are you smarter than a 10 year old?

In addition to the regular programming offered by Pick TV, there will also be daily Sky News bulletins offered on the Pick TV channel which will televise each night.

The third channel which has been launched on the free to air satellite television service Freesat is Challenge TV which is available on Freesat channel 145.  The channel shows popular game shows and is also available on the Freeview digital television platform.

Freesat’s managing director Emma Scott was pleased with the new deal saying “We’re delighted that Sky News is joining Freesat. It’s an award-winning news service that strengthens and complements Freesat’s existing lineup of eleven news channels,”

“With Challenge TV and Pick TV joining today too, the breadth of choice for our viewers, for free, has never been better.”

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