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Virgin Media have a massive amount of content which is available on their TV on demand services.  With Virgin Media all of the TV on demand content is delivered through your Virgin Media set top box via the cable network, so there is no messy set up required and it’s pretty straightforward to use as well particularly for customers who may be perplexed by setting up wireless and wired internet connections in the home.

Have a look at all of the TV on demand services that you can get on Virgin Media including TV choice, TV Catch up, and content from kids, movies and bollywood

Virgin Media has several TV on demand services.

When you sign up to a digital TV service from Virgin Media, their TV on demand service called ‘Catch up TV’ is thrown in free of charge regardless of which digital TV option you select.  With Catch up TV, you can select from and watch a huge selection of shows from the past 7 days from popular channels such as BBC, ITV, Channel  4 and Demand FIVE.  In addition to this, there are also a large amount of movies you can watch like you would a rented DVD which are available on a pay as you go basis starting from 99p per film depending on the film.  If you prefer watching Bollywood films these are also available on Virgin Media from £2 per film.

If you want even more flexibility, starting from 20p per music video, you can buy songs as and when you want them with Virgin Media’s music TV on demand service.  It even has karaoke on it, if you are really drunk on a Saturday night or want to entertain Mike and Diane at your latest dinner party!  If you sign up to TV Size XL from Virgin Media, the music TV on Demand Service is absolutely free which, is another great reason to probably sign up to this particular package from Virgin Media.

Finally and most importantly is the TV Choice option from Virgin Media’s catalogue of TV on demand services.  TV Choice has all of the best series from channels and studio’s such as Warner Brothers, NBC, MTV, BBC, and Channel 4.  If you have a high definition activated service from Virgin Media you can even watch some of these programs in glorious high definition, and what’s more again if you have TV Size: XL you get TV Choice for absolutely free!

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