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Sky TV has launched Sky Anytime+ which utilises both the TV service from Sky, and a Sky Broadband connection to deliver the on demand content.  This means that you will need to buy a bundle which incorporates TV, Broadband and Phone from Sky.Sky TV has the great TV on demand service known as Sky Anytime+

Sky Anytime+ doesn’t cost anything extra on top of your monthly subscription, and gives you access to over 500 movies on demand from Sky Movies 1 and Sky Movies 2. There is also a huge amount of TV entertainment for you to watch as and when it suits you from channels such as National Geographic, Sky Atlantic, ESPN Classic, Disney Channel and the Crime and Investigation network just to name a few highlights.  If you have high definition from Sky, you will even be able to access HD Showcase which has a whole host of high definition content from Sky for you to access and enjoy.

Because Sky Anytime+ uses Sky Broadband there is some set up that is required, and Sky themselves recommend that a wired connection between your Sky broadband router, and Sky+ or Sky+ HD box is set up by a qualified Sky engineer.  Alternatively you can purchase a wireless adaptor which means your Sky+ or Sky+ HD box will ‘talk’ to your Sky Broadband without wires to deliver your Sky Anytime+ content as and when you want it.

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