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With so many of the best live sporting events disappearing from free to view channels, sports fans are subscribing to digital TV services. This guide gives you the low down on what exactly digital television offers to sports fans, and what is the best value way to get it.

TV Sports Packages

Know you want? Visit Sky’s site to choose your mixes with Sky Sports 

Sports coverage

Unfortunately, few of the best live sporting events are shown on the free to view tv

Sky Sports is available on Sky, Virgin Media and BT Vision

There are 5 Sky Sports channels which are available on Digital Television

channels these days. If you’re a sports fanatic you will want a digital TV service that offers the best coverage of the sports you are interested in. Which sports channels do digital TV providers offer and which is best value for you?

Sky Sports

Sky Sports offers 4 channels – Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and 4, give live coverage of some of the biggest and best sporting events from around the world. Over  100 sports are covered, including Grand Slam Tennis, the European Golf Tour, Motor Sports,  live International Cricket, Premiership Rugby and of course, Premier League Football.

So which providers offer which Sports Channels?

ESPN shows a wide variety of digital television sports, and is available on Sky, Virgin Media and BT Vision

ESPN shows a wide range of sports including Premier League football

The sports channels you can access depend on which provider you choose to get your service with. Most do offer you the option to add on either Sky Sports or ESPN, or even both, if you want complete sports coverage. Below is a summary of which services each provider offers, and how much it could cost you.

Sky Digital

Sky offers the Sky Sports pack which includes the 4 Sky Sports channels. If you do have high definition TV and want to subscribe to Sky’s HD programming, then you will also get access to all four of Sky Sports HD channels.

This year Sky have also launched the Sky Sports F1 channel which is the UK’s first sports channel available in the UK which is dedicated to Formula 1.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media has access to all of the Sky Sports channels including Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Sky Sports F1 is only available on Sky and Virgin Media and is the first channel dedicated to Formula 1

Sky Sports F1 is available on Sky and Virgin Media

Virgin Media is also able to offer you access to Sky Sports F1 which is the UK’s first channel dedicated to Formula 1.  ESPN is also available on all Virgin Media TV packages.

Virgin Media also has high definition sports channels in Sky Sports 1 HD and Sky Sports 2 HD.

Visit Virgin Media’s site to choose your Sports channels

BT Vision

With BT Vision you can get Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, and ESPN.  There is currently no access to Sky Sports 1, and 2 in high definition on BT.

BT Vision sport is a video on demand sports service which is exclusive to BT Vision

Vision Sport is available on a pay per view basis.

BT also gives you access to BT Vision Sport on the BT Vision service.  BT Vision Sport is the video on demand sports service from BT, which allows you to access a wide archive of classic sports, daily sports news, TNA Wrestling, boxing and a wide range of other content. You can get BT Vision sport either as part of your package or on a pay per view basis.

Want to get BT Vision with Sports?

Visit BT’s site to order online

How do I choose?

Ultimate Sports Packages:

If you want total sports coverage, then you need Sky Sports and ESPN Sports, so this leaves you with a choice of three providers – SkyVirgin Media, or BT.

Just want Sky Sports:

Great for football, cricket, golf and rugby. You can get Sky Sports with Sky, Virgin Media or BT.

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