Digital TV for Movies

Most digital TV services offer channels dedicated to movies. Depending on whether you want the freedom to pick and choose which movies you want to watch, or are content watching what is screening on the channel, there is a service that is perfect for you.


If you love watching movies but don’t want to spend lots of money taking the family to the cinema or buying new DVDs, there is a digital TV service out there that will suit your needs.  Whether you want to watch a good movie once in a while or want to have access to the latest Hollywood blockbusters whilst sat in your living room you’ll find a package to suit your needs.

Movie addicts - If you want to have a wide range of choice including Sky Movies or perhaps movies available to buy on-demand then these are the options for you.

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Occasional movie watchers – If you only want to watch movies occasionally at home, an on-demand service like BT Vision, or Virgin Media may be worth considering. You will need to check that these providers can offer you a TV service in your area.

Sky TV

If you are looking for quality entertainment with a massive range of movies, Sky is for you. As well as the 200 free-to-air channels, you can get up to Entertainment Mixes plus the most important part, Sky Movies.

Instead of being ordered into numbered channels, Sky Movies is divided into 12 genres, so there will be something to suit your mood, whether it is comedy or action. There is also Sky Movies Premiere, which shows more than 300 latest films a year, from Hollywood blockbusters to world cinema wonders. In total, Sky Movies screens over 450 different films per week, with no adverts, so there will always be a great choice of movies for you to watch.

How much does it cost?

The packages that include Sky Movies start at £36 per month – remember with Sky you can build your own package to suit your needs.

Know you want? Visit Sky’s site to choose your mixes with Sky Movies

Virgin Media for MoviesVirgin Media

Virgin Media offer 3 standard TV options which you can then customise by adding premium channels. With all three options, you get access to Virgin TV on-demand, which has a library of over 500 films to choose from, including latest blockbusters and classics. Films cost between £2.00 and £3.50 to rent for 24 hours.

  • TV Size M+: Virgin Media’s most basic digital TV package gives you access to 40 digital TV channels, including Film4, and it comes free when you take Virgin Media phone line at £13.90.
  • TV Size L: The mid-range package is  giving you over 100 digital TV channels including all the ones in Size:M+ and others like TCM (Turner Classic Movies).
  • TV Size XL:  At the other end of the range is , which gives over 165 digital TV channels, including Movies 24, True Movies and TCM (Turner Classic Movies).
  • VIP – is Virgin Media’s package that gives you the best of everything for a big discount. As well as TV Size: XL it includes all Sky Movies channels and the V+ box (similar to the Sky+ box) so you can record your favourites and pause and rewind live TV.  In addition to this, a phone package and broadband package are also included.

Know you want Virgin Media? Visit Virgin Media’s site to choose and apply online to get a £60 credit.

Want Virgin Media but also want Sky Movies? You can choose which group of Sky Movie channels you want (Comedy, Family, Action/Thriller etc.) or you can choose to have all of them with Sky Movies Premiere under the Sky Movies Collection. The monthly cost varies depending on what you choose.  Click here to check the latest prices at Virgin Media.

BT Vision for MoviesBT Vision

BT Vision is available to BT Broadband customers and is an option for people that only watch the occasional movie as it allows you to pay per view; there is no subscription for the movie service.

With BT Vision, customers get all the Freeview channels, a V-Box, which is a digital TV recorder, and a range of on-demand programmes to pay per view. For movies, there is an extensive library covering comedy, drama, action and horror among others. Movies are available to rent for between £1.99 and £2.99.

Want to get BT Vision and BT Broadband? Visit BT’s site and order online

Top Up TV

Top Up TV lets you access all Freeview channels, pause live TV, record 2 channels at the same time and more with a Top Up TV+ Digital TV Recorder (It’s like Sky+ on Freeview).

For movies, you can subscribe to PictureBox for an additional £5 per month, so you can watch a great film every night. The films are downloaded to your box, so you have a choice of 7 films at any one time.


Freeview offers only one dedicated movie channel, Film4 which shows movies that are a little more offbeat.  There’s a variety of film genres including British, foreign language, old, and independent as well as critically acclaimed Hollywood films.

A basic Freeview set top box starts from about £25, but for a little bit extra you can be in control of your TV by getting a digital TV recorder. This will let TV revolve around your lifestyle – you can pause and rewind live TV, and record your movies so that you can watch them at a time convenient to you.

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