Sky+ HD Box

The Sky+ HD box is probably the most distinctive set top box available on any of the digital TV services which are currently available.

Compare Sky TV services with the Sky+ HD set top box

The Sky+ HD box is one of the most recognisable set top boxes in the market

Armed with the amazing Sky+ PVR technology, Sky really did pull out at all of the stops to make a truly brilliant set top box for their Sky TV service.  The Sky+ HD box has an EPG TV guide, and the ability to show high definition programming to Sky HD subscribers, and also Sky 3D to subscribers that want to get Sky 3D services.

The PVR functionality allows you to pause, rewind, fast forward, and even playback programs in slow motion, so you won’t miss anything if you want to step away from the TV, and you can even forward all of the annoying adverts too!

That’s not all though the Sky+ HD box also has a 500GB hard drive of which 160GB is allocated as personal space allowing you to record up to 60 hours of high definition content or 160 hours of standard definition content.

The Sky+ HD box has an HDMI output for your HD viewing, and 2 SCART connectors, one input and one output, there is also an optical audio output meaning that you can plug it into an amplifier for digital quality sound, and there are also separate left and right channel phono outputs ideal if you are connecting the Sky+ HD box up to a home cinema system.

With the Sky+ HD box you can even set up a mobile recording feature giving you the opportunity to use your mobile phone to set your Sky+ HD box to record programs while you are out either by using text message or through the Sky application which has been created for Android and Apple iPhone mobile phone devices.

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