BT Vision+ Box

The BT Vision+ digibox is exclusively available on BT Vision’s digital TV service.  It’s a set top box packed full of features helping you to get the most from BT Vision’s digital TV services.

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The BT Vision+ box allows you to access a large amount of on demand content from BT Vision

The BT Vision+ box is a Freeview digibox, PVR (Personal video recorder), and gateway to TV on demand from BT Vision all rolled into one.  The BT Vision+ box also allows you to access high definition content from BT as well as the ever increasing range of 3D content on its BT Vision on demand service.  The digibox is also enabled to allow you to watch all of the Freeview channels that you get as standard on the BT Vision digital TV service.

The PVR functionality is simple to use on the BT Vision+ digibox, meaning you simply have to push the record button once to record the show, push twice to record the whole series, or push three times to cancel it.  You can also pause, rewind and fast forward all of your favourite BT Vision programs to create TV to your schedule.

There are 2 SCART connections on the BT Vision+ box, and an HDMI output for the high definition content that is available on BT Vision’s digital TV service.  There is also a digital sound output for connection to a stereo system and left and right stereo connections if you want to connect your BT Vision+ box to a home cinema system.

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