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BT are known for their home phone and broadband services, and they have recently added the BT Vision TV service to their product offering. Get all the information you need about BT Vision here to decide if this service is right for you.

BT Vision TV at a glance

BT Vision is the digital TV service from BT. It offers all the Freeview channels as standard, and a variety of on-demand content you can either subscribe to, or pay per view.

BT Vision TV Prices

There is a one-off set up fee of £30; and you can choose to install it yourself or pay a BT £60 for a professional installation.  BT then gives you a choice to either subscribe to their viewing packs or to pay per view.

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BT Vision TV Pros

  • BT Vision gives you access to on-demand TV, without the need to first pay a monthly subscription.
  • BT Vision comes with a digital TV recorder, the V-Box so you can record you favorites.

BT Vision TV Cons

  • You need to be a BT broadband customer, or you need to sign up to BT Broadband
  • You need to be in an area with a good Freeview signal to enjoy the majority of BT Vision TV channels.

Who should get BT Vision?

If you are happy with your BT Broadband service and are looking for a basic, cheap or free digital TV service this is a great option for you.

What is BT Vision?

BT Vision TV offers a standard digital TV service using Freeview via your aerial, with additional video on-demand content that uses the BT Broadband connection. You can pick and mix which on-demand TV shows or films you want to watch and either pay per view or pay a monthly subscription.

BT Vision TV comes with a V-Box as standard, which is BT’s digital TV recorder so you can record your favourite programmes, and pause and rewind live TV.

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What channels does BT Vision TV offer?

BT Vision offers the Freeview service as standard – over 70 digital TV channels and 20 radio channels. This includes access to the brilliant Film4 and there is great entertainment on E4, More4, Sky Three, Dave and BBC Three.

BT Vision Packs

In addition to the standard Freeview service, BT Vision lets you choose from its library of on-demand TV programmes and films. You can pay per view if you only watch on-demand occasionally, but if you use it more often a subscription maybe better. The viewing packs BT Vision offers are:

  • TV Pack: Choose from BT Vision’s large selection of drama, comedy and documentaries.
  • Music Video Pack: Watch music videos whenever you want..
  • Kids Pack: Enjoy pre-school shows such as Charlie and Lola, funny cartoons including Cow and Chicken and teen dramas like Unfabulous.

These BT Vision Packs each cost £6 per month, or you can get all three of them in BT Vision’s Gold Pack that costs £12.50 per month. If you want to pay per view, the charges start at 29p for Music, from 30p for Kids and from 79p for TV.

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BT Vision Sports


Want to add Sports channels? BT Vision TV offers you a choice of options:

  1. 3 different BT Vision Sports packs that include ESPN
  2. Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2

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Want both? Get Sky Sports with the Standard Sports Pack and ESPN for £12 .30 per month

BT Vision Films

What about Films? BT Vision TV offers a range of films to view on-demand, for between £1.99 and £2.99 per view. Due Date, Toy Story 3, and Buried are among the films currently available.

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What equipment will I need to get BT Vision?

For you to get BT Vision, you will need to have BT Broadband, or sign up for BT Broadband. BT will provide you with a wireless BT Home Hub (which you may have to pay for depending on which Broadband option you choose), and the BT’s digital TV recorder the V-Box. The V-box lets you record up to 80 hours of TV, so you won’t have to miss any of your favorite programmes again – just record them and watch when you want.

How much will BT Vision TV cost?

The set up cost is £30, and if you are technically minded you can set up the equipment yourself. If you prefer a professional installation, BT provides this service for £60. The V-Box is free if you are a new BT Broadband customer, or existing customers who re-contract.

For you to get BT Vision, you will need to have BT Broadband.

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Can I get BT Vision?

BT Vision uses the Freeview TV service, so you need to be in an area with a good Freeview digital signal. If you know your area does not have a good digital signal and is not likely to until the switchover, you could consider getting Sky TV or Virgin Media.

If you can get a good digital signal then you can enjoy the full benefits of BT Vision. Remember, you must first sign up for BT broadband, if you do not already have it.

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