BT Vision signs up British Eurosport

BT the company behind the digital television service BT Vision has announced that it will be bringing the linear digital television sports channel British Eurosport to its hybrid BT Vision digital television service.

BT Vision will be showing both the British Eurosport and British Eurosport 2 channels from November

Both British Eurosport and British Eurosport 2 channels will be available on BT Vision from November.

The new deal will ensure that both the British Eurosport and British Eurosport 2 digital television channels will be available on the BT Vision digital television service.

The addition of the two British Eurosport digital television channels will ensure that BT Vision viewers will be able to enjoy sports such as the French and Australian Open tennis, Tour de France cycling, Moto GP, and the World Snooker championships.

In addition to the linear channels there will also be a range of video on demand content available from British Eurosport and accessible via the BT Vision digital television service.

British Eurosport is the latest in a long line of brand new sporting features which have come to the BT Vision digital television service, in the last few weeks BT has announced a series of deals which will mean that viewers will be able to access Premier League football through the brand new BT Sport channel, and Premier League rugby will also be shown on BT Vision in the not too distant future.

The new digital television channels will start to air on BT Vision from the end of November and join a range of brand new linear digital television channels including National Geographic and FX.

Chief Executive of BT Vision Marc Watson said “We’re really pleased to be able to add them to our line-up following on from the Barclays Premier League broadcast rights that we have secured. We think BT Vision is becoming the top value-for-money TV choice for sports fans.”

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