BBC iPlayer popularity grows

BBC iPlayer the free video on demand service from the BBC has continued to grow as the catch up TVplatform gathered almost 200 million requests in May.

BBC iPlayer is the free video on demand television service from the BBC

BBC iPlayer is gradually edging towards 200m requests

Driven by the popularity of BBC TV shows such as The Apprentice and The Voice UK, BBC iPlayer the free video on demand service from the BBC racked up 187 million requests for television and radio in May across the wide range of devices that are able to access BBC iPlayer content.

Over the course of 2012, BBC iPlayer the free video on demand service has averaged 190 million requests per month, with 140 million on average for TV, and 46m for radio.  So far the biggest month for BBC iPlayer requests is January, which saw 192m requests for BBC TV and radio content.

Popular shows on the BBC iPlayer service included The Apprentice which had 4 episodes as the most watched television content on the free video on demand service from the BBC.  In fifth place was the music based reality show The Voice UK which pulled in 895,000 requests for its ninth episode of the series.

Other popular programs which were requested on BBC iPlayer included more episodes of The Voice UK and Russell Howard’s Good News which also featured in the top 10.

May’s statistics also revealed how TV content was watched on the free video on demand service, with 86% requests for on demand television content, whilst 14% of requests were for live or simulcast coverage of BBC content.  Ironically these figures mirrored the same usage pattern of May 2011.

BBC iPlayer have also recently created a new feature on their free video on demand service following the launch of Live Restart which gives users of the BBC iPlayer the ability to rewind and restart live television programs in the same way that users of the Sky, Virgin Media and BT digital television services can on their set top boxes.

David Price, the head of BBC iPlayer said “We all know how frustrating it is when you’re stuck in a traffic jam, or delayed on the Tube, missing the critical start of your favourite BBC programme,”

“Live Restart solves this by giving audiences control. With one simple click of a button viewers can skip back to the beginning of a live programme, ensuring they never miss a moment of their favourite BBC programmes.”

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