BBC iPlayer has record 2012

The video on demand service BBC iPlayer has revealed that it has had a record 2012 fuelled by the popularity of programs such as Sherlock, Top Gear and the London Olympics.

Video On Demand service BBC iPlayer has had a record breaking 2012

The London Olympics has contributed to the success of BBC iPlayer

During this time users consumed more than 36 billion minutes of BBC content across a range of devices particularly mobile.

In 2012, people spent approximately 34% more time watching in BBC iPlayer than the previous year.  The most popular event on BBC iPlayer was Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony for the London Olympics which topped the iPlayer charts with 3.33m requests followed by episodes of Top Gear with 2.83m requests and Sherlock with 2.53m requests.

Overall there were around 2.32 billion requests for TV and radio programmes on iPlayer in 2012, and consumed 36.5bn minutes for content across all of the 650 platforms where BBC iPlayer is available.

The BBC said that mobile was becoming the most popular way to consume content on BBC iPlayer though online PC’s and Mac’s also remained popular whilst tablets were also being used extensively.

There was also a 177% year on year uplift in requests from mobiles and tablets last year and these devices now account for more than a quarter of total iPlayer requests.  Also for the first time in history requests from PC’s comprised of less than total iPlayer requests in the entire month.

The BBC figures also revealed that 10.8m programmes were saved to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices whilst downloaded programs now make up 6% of TV viewing on mobiles and tablets, whilst in 2012, Live Restart was also launched which has been used by around 30% of people watching TV on iPlayer.

Daniel Danker the BBC General Manager of Programmes said “Last year, the use of iPlayer shifted from PCs and early adopter devices like game consoles to screens used by all audiences,”

“Mobile, tablet, and connected TV skyrocketed, with a particular emphasis on audiences taking iPlayer on the go.

“This year, we’re looking forward to turning iPlayer into an entertainment destination, with a relentless focus on making iPlayer as easy and enjoyable as television.”

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