200 million monthly requests for BBC iPlayer

The BBC has confirmed that its video on demand service BBC iPlayer has passed a key milestone having registered over 200 million requests for programmes in a single month.

BBC iPlayer is the video on demand service from the BBC

The video on demand service has topped 200 million requests for the first time ever

Requests for programmes have been driven by the return of Merlin and the Panorama special on Jimmy Saville, which saw iPlayer generate around 214m requests in October across its TV and radio channels.

The 214 million requests on the TV on demand service saw around 49 million requests for radio programmes from the BBC, down by 1 million on September’s figures.

BBC iPlayer is also available on a range of different devices including tablets and smartphones, and perhaps unsurprisingly around a quarter (23%) of all requests are from mobile and tablet devices.

The BBC has said that the high levels of programme requests have been driven by its autumn schedule as Merlin returned to the BBC One schedule and dominated searches for content on iPlayer in October with 3 episodes featuring in the top 10 of requested content in October.

Other programs which featured prominently included the Panorama special on Jimmy Saville which generated around 998,000 requests, whilst Hunted made up the top 3 with 900,000 requests on BBC iPlayer.

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